Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RFU's Rock Collection

RFU Rock Collection Watches

Russia RFU watchmaker has launched a new watch collection called Rock. It is no coincidence, because the designs are art rock.
Rock is a sufficient number of areas, beginning of the entire culture. This style of clothing has been published. Uniqueness, originality, freedom, charm - these are the main features of this style.

Clothes and accessories for rock-style, use different parts. One of these factors are cells that are new models RAF.
Containers placed in four different colors, indices and hands show hours, minutes and seconds. Unnecessary elements of the design of the knobs is not. The design of the seat, black or white, decorated with various factors combined, the "Spirit of Rock".

See the new RFU pleasure rock collection for those who appreciate the uniqueness and wants to emphasize his unusual style.

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