Sunday, October 28, 2012

American Clock Hamilton

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Hamilton, which is part of the Swatch Group - The Russian market has reached a new brand. What mattered, as consumers and calculated as the promise of our country? Begins with the introduction of these new problems with any good, you know - Hamilton.

Hamilton was one of the last brands of the Swatch Group, which began the development of the Russian market. The reason is simple: Hamilton American brand, and how these brands is at the heart of the most difficult of Russian consumers while their European counterparts.

Somehow it happened that the American clock with the Russian mentality and good sales in conflict, because only signs that after several years of adapting the collection like the taste of our customers show.

The only exceptions are the fashion brands that are sold, "cooperation" with the overview of the manufacturers of clothing and accessories. In this sense, young people aged 18 to 30, which is an active supporter of the American way, MTV American cinema and culture, the main objective and watchmaker. And speaking of "fashion brand" in this case refers not only brand that is connected to the clothing brand, but in general, each watch brand that is associated with the most important symbols of youth culture.

In Hamilton, there is a feature that lets you select the brand from other U.S. manufacturers and a unique identifier which can attract attention and Russian buyers. Hamilton - Cinemark worship almost inseparable from most Hollywood blockbusters.

Hamilton Company carefully the arrival on the Russian market ready to make for success. And time is not by chance: it is now with us in the midst of a boom in fashion brands. In addition, during the last three years, Hamilton and clear image of their main collections changed to more European - is likely to influence the growth of the brand's sales in Europe itself.

With the company for more than a century (most brands are also so successful that the first version of the history of clock with LED-technology), a wide range of classic collections in an image ultra-modern a very loyal and price is close to fashion, the image of the "hour of the film," Mark Hamilton confident can on the fact that the buyer determine the number. Consequently, and enjoy.

Hamilton came to Hollywood, where studio bosses know, but is it not, that product placement sentence -. "Blue Hawaii" in 1961, the Company entered into an agreement with Elvis Presley, who was shot in Hamilton Ventura signed the film later, in 1966, Hamilton sees incredible futuristic design has in "2001: A Space Odyssey" of Stanley Kubrick became epic. Since then, Hamilton has a number of achievements, when signs used as point of sale equipment, shop watches in the hall "Formula Kino" will be taken.

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