Monday, October 29, 2012

ARMIN STROM - Ian Williams Heads to the Manufactur


Armin Strom Watches The association between Team GAC Pindar sailing and the company Armin Strom clock yacht captain Ian Williams visited the studio of the brand in Biel. Immediately after participating in a Match Racing World Tour Alpari race in St. Moritz, took three times world champion to stop production of the brand Armin Strom.
During the visit, the team captain has studied in detail the process of ARMIN WATER MANUAL Special Limited Edition Team GAC Pindar Sailing, published in honor of sponsoring brands Sailing Team GAC Pindar. Hours, which is based in a limited edition of only 40 pieces that inspire function in the production of machines with AMW11 setting and burning marine subjects.

Calibre is completely decorated by hand. The objective of the cooperation Sailing Team GAC Pindar and watchmaker Armin Strom is an original interpretation of the complexity of the Extreme Sailing "eye" of modern mechanics.

Presentation of hours in a closed circle of sailors with director Armin Strom Grayslera Claude (Claude Greisler), an avid surfer, and Flavio Marazzi - The brand ambassador and member of the racing boot star class that has taken last Olympic Games in London.

Claude Graysler expressed his satisfaction at the end of the event to meet "The presentation of the construction process allows time for questions John From our first meeting, showed that production is now very interested in our cooperation showed that on both sides .. values ​​and principles that guide us in the life and work of our problems. "

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