Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Bremont Victory Watches

New Bremont Victory Watches
New Bremont Victory Watches
Information :
In conjunction with the new pair of white markings and ready for production ALT 1WT, his new limited edition Bremont Baselworld this year launched. The flagship Bremont is Victoria, and in accordance with the philosophy of success EP120 and P-51 limited editions actually win some of their main sources of HMS Victory. Bremont is done in collaboration with the Museum of the Royal Navy United Nations, these pieces to build a limited edition fountain, oak and copper famous 18th Century ship.

Victory is a winding chronograph automatic with retrograde seconds and date retrograde movement BE-83AR with 39 jewels, power reserve of 46 hours is decorated and furnished in its entirety. Size 43 x 17 mm, stainless steel victory or rose gold and copper pipe inside the copper PVD HMS Victory. More details on UK chronograph developed to include a ceiling, hand-engraved sapphire and integrated oak HMS Victory, which you can see after the jump.

The design of the ball, as shown below detailed and balanced, without the annihilation of one or the measurement screen. After the great success of the EP120 and P-51 limited editions, Victoria had collectors calling last peak Bremont first delivery, which begins at the end of this year. Hurry to win his OWN'D because even if dinner is not until July 12 Official Bremont has confirmed that all versions of gold and speak at least 30 engines were modified 250 stainless steel version .

This first stage of limited editions are only part of the appeal of the company Bremont for buyers. The full range Bremont, special numbers (such as Norton and Supermarine Descent), only military standard editions and their collection, which is full of fans favorite ALT1-C and MBII. The victory is considered adequate monitoring P-51, and it is exciting to see Bremont branch of maritime history as a source of inspiration for the new project. To read the original press release for the victory Bremont,

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