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New Momentum Vortech GMT

New Momentum Vortech GMT
New Momentum Vortech GMT
Information :

Momentum is the Vortech GMT, a trademark of gravity outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, we really liked. Let's start with a little special start:

    Titanium case, 11.9 mm to 44.0 mm, 53.1 mm nut load. Screwed crown 7 mm, 22 mm clamps, 48.0 mm wide with a crown. 66g on the tape.
    Available with glass or mineral
    Swiss quartz movement with GMT and extra strong battery indicator and snooze alarm and low
    SuperLuminova light on the hands and dial
    Into two fractions of seconds
    Water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)
    2 years extended 4/6 years

Perhaps the first thing you notice is that the Vortech four big red button. References to the SI-1, on the one hand, the lever and the red alarm is SET distinguish GMT. Good use of color, and also serves as a reminder that the alarm hand is red.

There are several ways to implement a function of GMT has this movement has a central portion which is added to the yellow once per day. Due to the scale of 24 on the edge of the ring To install, remove the crown, then press and hold the GMT, while the lancet. Is continuous, so that you can use for zone 15 or 30 minute drive, a boon to world travelers. It should be noted the "true GMT" function as the primary group does not change hands GMT. Using travel is "GMT hand to the local time and hands on local capital, and Vortech is excellent.

The Vortech is a little more control of the clock in the last 44mm. A 66 g of the band is super light, but it is certainly a clock in full screen. The box is inclined titanium with a matte finish by projection with a chamber and the output stream. The dark gray color and is a very versatile piece. This works very well with work clothes or hiking equipment. The album is inspired by the aviation industry with aircraft type and composition hands unclothe red much. The face of the second paragraph is hard to read because of their size, and there is no timer or champers, because time does not have this clock is set.

The area is well designed. 24 moves to the middle and the date hidden in a little over four years. We must pay attention to four key hands, and I think they did a good job of keeping the hours and minutes on the first floor and read.

A novelty in this unusual clock, and probably because of its size, is the use of a "ceramic resonator" to increase the volume of the alarm. With the remarkable (and expensive) than the alarm clock Omega X-33, often very discreet. If strong enough to penetrate a water-tight housing, the battery suffers. Vortech to add a resonator dynamics, such as the soundboard of a stringed instrument, is used to increase the volume. It works well - the alarm is loud enough to wake me up.

Night vision is distinguished by the use of "Grade A" Super luminous. As you can see, visually distinguish GMT and alarm hands, it is almost impossible, but time is very readable. I'm fine with it.

In the wrist, is comfortable and easy. At 44 to 11 mm, watch big sport.

Since the bezel is smooth and conical mesh is also quite simple, and the matte finish keeps the information presentation. There is a clock that draws attention to itself.

List price is $ 285 Vortech, mineral crystal version. For titanium / quartz which is pretty good.

This is a clock. Versatile, durable and functional in a modern dimension The combination of alarm and GMT is ideal for frequent travelers who do not want to decide on the clock worry if they go kayaking and diving, too. Unpretentious and unobtrusive.

Our thanks to Momentum for the review shows.

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